Walter Billet Avocats keeps on growing thanks to 4 new lawyers in corporate, IP/IT and employment law

The 7 years old firm consolidate its positioning when recruiting four lawyers. Thanks to its team totalizing about ten professionals, it keeps combining know-how and proximity to advise its clients – firms and investment funds – in corporate law (M&A as well as private equity deals), innovative technologies law, intellectual property law, personal data law and employment law.

Walter Billet Avocats continues its development and reinforces each of its areas of expertise. Created in January 2015, the law firm advises enterprises – from startups to big companies – and investment funds in their corporate, innovative technology and employment law concerns.

Aiming not only at supporting them for their growing needs and but also at answering new clients’ requests, Walter Billet Avocats strengthen each of its teams and welcomes four new lawyers: Elodie Vardon joins the corporate department led by Fabien Billet, while Baptistine Bapst and Laura Sabbah-Benayoun enter the IP/IT practice managed by Alan Walter and Chloé Bensac enhances the employment law team led by Carine Cohen.

Thanks to these four arrivals, Walter Billet Avocats gathers about ten professionals. “These hirings give our firm a new dimension and help us keep on giving our clients high quality advice – as big and renewed law firms do – while being very close to them and their needs. Thanks to our approach we are already able to welcome new talents“, say Alan Walter and Fabien Billet, partners and cofounders.

Tailor-made advice and global analysis

Providing its expertise especially to firms within the digital, e-commerce, health, distribution, cosmetics and fashion industries, Walter Billet Avocats ensures at structuring advice with a global approach that goes beyond the legal concerns. “We have to decompartmentalize law to bring answers that fit with the whole firms’ environment, explain the three partners. This is how we started when being part of the innovation’s ecosystem as well as what we do now for every industry we are connected with.”

This approach helps the firm working alongside its clients in order to allow them to cope with a complex legal and regulatory environment. “As an example we always make our recommendations about GDPR compliance considering our clients’ user experience and marketing needs”, tells Alan Walter.

Carine Cohen adds in the employment law field: “We always tell firms they have to anticipate before negociating collective agreements or setting up compliance compulsory plans in order to fit with up-to-date matters. Currently this is particularly necessary for whistleblowers’ protection plans or women-men professional equality disposals.”

A four-people team in corporate law

Last but not least the firm keeps on advising its clients – firms and investment funds – for their M&A or private equity deals while listening to their new needs (such as dealing with executives and employees profit).

The firm now gathers four specialists in corporate law, considering it has already welcomed Miguel Goncalves as a para-legal a year earlier.